The Synagogue

Congregation B'nai Emunah | Tulsa

1719 South Owasso Avenue Tulsa, Oklahoma 74120 USA

Main (918) 583-7121 | Reservations (918) 935-3373

We'd Love to Get to Know You

People join the Synagogue for many reasons. Some like the evident warmth and caring of our members. Others comment about the richness of our program and appreciate our attention to substance and detail. Many like the tone and spirit of the place: informal, non-hierarchical, welcoming, and uncomplicated. If you have a good idea, and would like to experiment with it in a Jewish setting, there's a good chance that the Synagogue will support your efforts. We take pride in the great variety of our services, our joyful holidays, and the generosity of our communal table. B'nai Emunah pays attention to the head and to the heart.

We also take pride in a deeper willingness to embrace members of the Jewish  community with divergent backgrounds and points of view. There is room at B’nai Emunah for Jews by birth, Jews by choice, and those whose Jewish identity run the full gamut of definition: political, cultural, religious, intellectual, and familial. We think that we are enriched by this variety and believe that we are strengthened as a result. We also welcome into close relationship the spouses and children of our members who may not, themselves, be members of the Jewish community, but whom we consider honored participants in our extended family. 

What we ask of our community is a sense of full and whole-hearted investment. In keeping with longstanding American-Jewish practice, we welcome those who profess a coherent Jewish identity, marked by a wholeness of purpose and uncomplicated by other forms of belief, practice, and religious affiliation. Like most voluntary institutions, the Synagogue depends on its members and friends to sustain its program, foster expanded services, and enable growth. Every member's investment is important, and we're able to draw on a sense of responsibility that has traditionally made us strong.

If you'd like to speak about membership, please be in touch with Rabbi Kaiman at (918) 583-7121.

"Fair Share Dues" are scheduled on the basis of a member's ability to pay, based on private, self-assessment. We assume that people will be honest about their resources, and no one will sit in judgment about your decision. The congregation welcomes inquiries about membership from every newcomer or long-time resident. Please note that our dues are all-inclusive. There is no additional school tuition or charge for High Holiday seats.

Please note that we are a Welcoming Congregation, recognizing no distinction of class, nationality, race, gender, or sexual orientation. We aspire to be a larger family for all who share in our religious search for meaning and purpose in life. We make a special effort to offer our brothers and sisters in the GLBT (gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender) community a safe, supportive environment for Jewish learning, worship, and belonging.