From time to time, people say the nicest things about our congregation. Here's a sample of the way B'nai Emunah is perceived by its members and friends:

"Congregation B'nai Emunah is a Synagogue with a heart. From the Rabbi and staff to the members, we are one family where everyone cares about everyone else."

Dr. Simon Levit

"Come to B'nai Emunah, where your children can learn and play in a Jewish environment. We've got good child:teacher ratios, endless resources, happy teachers, happy students, freshly painted walls, music with the Rabbi, tasty snacks, art and computer opportunities, and the smiling faces of our madrichim
(teachers' aides). Above all, you're getting a Jewish education for your children, guaranteed to last a lifetime."

Toby Hurewitz, Maya Weisberg-Polay, Stephen Elkind, Ofira Shoham, Alin Torianyk, Rebecca Lederman

"From the moment we first made contact with the Synagogue, we were touched by the warmth of the congregation and the ease with which we felt a part of this community. For those new to Tulsa, whatever your level of familiarity with Jewish life, B'nai Emunah will help make you feel at home."

David Blatt

"Congregation B'nai Emunah is a vibrant, refreshing, warm community, as evidenced by the positive energy generated by its congregation. Everything we do takes place in a beautifully refurbished building."

Ken Watt.

"As parents of young children, it gives us great pleasure to attend the monthly Kids' Shabbat program. Our children actually prod us into attending this joyous service because they truly have fun during the entire evening. The music portion of the service often has our 5-year-old dancing in the aisles."

David and Randee Charney