In 1998, the Synagogue closed its building for renovation and took up temporary residence at All Souls Unitarian Church. In many ways, that experience was a turning point. It gave us a chance to evaluate our program, including the customary styles of worship at B'nai Emunah.

In partnership with member and musician Terry Silver-Alford, Rabbi Fitzerman began to experiment with instrumental music as an option for Friday evening services. That experiment gave way to a fuller understanding of the way that music could bring a congregation to life.

Our return to B'nai Emunah in the spring of 2000 came with a new commitment to the role of instrumental music. Our Friday Evening and High Holiday services are now thickly participatory. There is no distinction between leader and congregation and the result is a joyful, egalitarian sound. Many of the melodies are unique to the congregation, authored by Greg Raskin, Jon Glazer and Rabbi Fitzerman. A changing group of singers and instrumentalists--Jeff Cowen, Michelle Cowan, Rabbi Fitzerman, Jon Glazer, Eliyahu Krigel Dr. John Krueger, Norman Levin, Greg Raskin and Debbye Zanerhaft--constitute "Klay Kodesh" the prayer "team" of the congregation."

Below is a sample of the music of our congregation. Hit any button, and you will hear an excerpt of what Klay Kodesh services have come to be.