"Rise Up Singing" is our annual folk revival concert, featuring over twenty singers and musicians and drawing hundreds of community members into the Sanctuary. The 2009 edition, held in July, was a huge, border-crossing success, with over 600 in attendance.
Each year, the Synagogue organizes "Talking Heads: Conversations with Really Interesting People." The series made its debut with Randy Cohen, the New York Times' resident ethicist. In 2009, the congregation hosted NPR superstar Ira Glass, seen above in the Synagogue Sanctuary.
As part of the congregation's commitment to the Tulsa Public Schools, we have committed ourselves to a biennial concert that raises tens of thousands of dollars for unpriviliged children. Our most recent concert featured a multigenerational Synagogue ensemble called "Kolot Emunah," seen above. Other performers were drawn from the whole community in an inclusive musical gathering. The Synagogue is typically full for this event and evokes enormous good will.