Elijah's Cloak

In the winter months of 2009, the Synagogue initiated a Jewish needlework guild with the hope of benefitting the ill and the infirm, and anyone who needed a caressing hand. The idea was to present quilts, shawls, afghans, lap quilts, and scarves to those who had been challenged by an episode of illness or hurt.

That project is now up and running as "Elijah's Cloak." Working at home and together at the Synagogue, guild members have produced an abundance of garments that have been gratefully received by members and friends of the congregation. We have fulfilled the hope of the project organizers in creating a constant flow of garments from skilled hands to needy hearts.

There are no rules about what constitutes an "Elijah's Cloak." It could be a knitted scarf, a sewn shawl, a crocheted afghan, or a simple quilt. Everything depends on the time, skill, and energy of the needleworker. All of our recipients to date have been deeply appreciative.

Elijah's Cloakmakers meet every Sunday morning at the Synagogue at 10:00 a.m. during the school year. Some come on the second Tuesday evening of the month during Synagogue Board meetings. Many of our members choose to work from home.

Our official meeting is on the second Sunday morning of the month in the Board Room at 10:00 a.m.. At that time, we look at our stock of cloaks, take photographs of whatever items have come in, and say a simple "Mi-shebayrach" for those who need healing.

Please feel free to join us at whatever level you choose. We'd love to be able to include you in this effort.