The listing below offers a short description of the special funds, which enable us to do the work of the congregation. Please call the Synagogue office at (918) 583-7121 if you would like to make a contribution. Many thanks to all our contributors for supporting the Synagogue and its programs.

Synagogue General Fund

Used to service the general needs of the congregation and its members

Endowment 2000

Used as a stable resource for funding the educational activities of the Synagogue

Religious School Fund
Used to strengthen and support the educational system of the Synagogue

Synagogue Endowment Fund

Used to provide for the needs of the congregation on an ongoing basis

Building Renewal Endowment Fund

Used to support the ongoing maintenance of Synagogue property in perpetuity

Education Endowment Fund

Used as a stable source of support for the education of members and their children

Julius Bergman Book Fund
Used to purchase books and instructional materials for our schools

B’nai B’rith Youth Education Fund

Used for the purchase of needed educational tools and materials

Janis Bolusky Memorial Fund

Used to enhance the High Holidays for newcomers and those in need of assistance

Rose Borg Sukkah Fund
Used to beautify the congregational sukkah and enhance our holiday celebration

Barbara Robinowitz Curnutt Preschool Fund
Used to provide tuition assistance to needy members of the congregation

Abe and Mary Fedman Scholarship Fund
Used to support informal Jewish education (camping, pilgrimage) for young people

Jeanette and Sidney Frieden Computer Fund
Used to furnish and maintain the Tulsa Hebrew School computers

Davis-Goodall Chapel Fund
Used to furnish and enhance our daily chapel

Louis and Sara Kahan Tulsa Hebrew School Endowment Fund
Used to support formal Jewish education for youngsters in the Tulsa Hebrew School

Rabbi Arthur D. Kahn Culture Fund
Used to provide cultural programs of worth to the congregation and the community

Richards Family Library Fund

Used to expand and diversify the collection of the Synagogue Library

Scott Sanditen Memorial Community Service Fund
Used to support the work of the Committee on Social Activism in service, advocacy, and outreach

Simcha Fund

Used to replenish our supplies of utensils and serving pieces for family celebrations and life-cycle events held at the Synagogue

Norman and Shirley Levin Prayerbook Publication Fund

Used to fund the printing of liturgical materials for Friday Evening Services and other

Irvin and Sharna Frank Endowment Fund

Used to provide for the overall needs of the congregation

Bikur Cholim Fund

Used to provide home-made meals for ill and bereaved members, support hospital visits, and respond to emergency needs

Dorothy and Joe Katz Senior Adult Fund

Used to support programming for senior members and friends of the congregation

Louis Klein Nursery Fund
Used to support the preschool program of the Synagogue

Bernie and Sayde LeVine Music Fund

Used for musical programming and special events at the Synagogue

Lubell Family Social Activism Fund

Used to fund direct service projects by members of the congregation in the area of social justice

Sam and Pan Marks Helping Hand Fund
Used to fund the Jewish educational choices of college-age members of the Synagogue

Mizel Family Philanthropic Fund
Used to underwrite cultural and intellectual programming at the Synagogue

Sam Plost Matzah Fund
Used to fund purchases by the needy of provisions for the Passover festival

Shirley Rabinovitz School Support Fund

Used to support the ongoing educational service projects of the Synagogue and explore the ways in which B’nai Emunah can be helpful in the larger community

Camp Ramah Scholarship Fund
Used to provide scholarship assistance for educational experiences in the camping arm
of the Conservative Movement

Robinowitz Library Fund
Used to provide for book purchases and a full range of library needs

Anne V. Zarrow Courtyard Fund

Used to provide furniture and plantings for the central courtyard of our new facility

Dr. Meyer Rozen Prayerbook Fund
Used to purchase or prepare liturgical materials for the Synagogue

Edgar and Isabel Sanditen Preschool Fund
Used to support the preschool program of the Synagogue

Julius and Mildred Sanditen Pilgrimage Fund
Used to support study trips to Israel by qualified confirmands

Lenny Seigel Playground Equipment Fund
Used to fund enhancement or expansion of our playground facilities

Brian Sweet Memorial Multi-Media Fund
Used to purchase materials in every medium which make use of new and innovative
strategies for learning

Chevra Kadisha Fund

Used to support the activities of our volunteer burial association

Ann Beerman Flower and Garden Fund

Used to enhance the appearance of our building on special occasions, and support
our garden and landscape efforts

Josh Price Memorial Fund

Used to support the cultural and educational programs of the Synagogue

Sam and Jessie Blanc Art Fund

Used to enhance and beautify the facilities of the Synagogue

Morris and Toby Fell Landscaping Fund

Used to beautify the grounds of the Synagogue with trees, foundation plantings, and seasonal color